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Is your organisation serious about taking care of the mental health of your staff?

Would you like someone with real experience of bipolar to come in and help raise awareness of what it’s like to live – and even thrive –  with a serious mental illness?

Are the ideas you have around bipolar and psychosis based only on what you see in the movies and media, but you have a sense it’s not a full and fair representation?

Would you like to discover ways you can better support your staff who have been recently diagnosed?

I’ve been living with bipolar for nearly 20 years. 

However, I wasn’t diagnosed until after my daughter was born, when I suffered a very serious postpartum episode and was hospitalised.


Why me?

Six reasons to book me for your next mental health presentation. 

  1. Having experienced the full range of bipolar experiences on and off for most of my adult life, I know first-hand the long route to diagnosis and proper care.
  2. Discover what’s possible with bipolar – creativity, productivity, new ways of thinking and problem-solving, empathy, compassion, leadership, and a sense of belonging – once the right scaffolding and support are in place.
  3. Learn why having someone on your team with bipolar is an asset – it brings neurodiversity and fresh perspectives.
  4. I’m on a mission to share my story to raise awareness, reduce stigma and support others living with bipolar or who have loved ones living with bipolar.
  5. With a background in theatre and writing, I’m a lively and dynamic presenter with a knack for finding the right words to describe difficult experiences.
  6. Presenting my story and insights to your organisation would be an absolute privilege.

My experiences inspired me to share my story of recovery, what bipolar looks like and the approaches that I find the most helpful and supportive. 

I will do everything in my power to raise awareness, advocate for people with bipolar and reduce stigma.

I’ve shared my story here:

Topics I can talk about:

  • Diagnosis and labels and how they shape our identity.
  • What it means to be a “service-user”: the responsibility and drawbacks of representation.
  • Stigma: how do we manage and overcome this together?
  • Mental illness and work: finding a happy balance and managing stress.
  • Mental health and money.
  • Finding our own words, language and expression to describe our unique experiences: I write poetry as my outlet.
  • Living day-to-day: the strategies that help me.
  • Mental wellness and parenting: Finding your village and seeking comfort in the little things.




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I can tailor my talk to suit your organisation’s needs and complement your existing mental health and wellbeing initiatives.



Feedback I've received

"Katie, I want to thank you for joining us at MUV Talks to bravely share a short talk on your experiences with labels and the impact that labels have on you. Your presentation skills were engaging and compelling and the audience really resonated with your honesty. Thank you for inspiring our audience. Ngā mihi maioha."

- Laura Kerrison MUV Talks

"Thank you for sharing your story with us. It was incredibly open of you to share not only your personal journey but your writings as well. Thank you for being inspiring, well-spoken and brave."

- Music Therapy Student

"Everyone was very touched by your courage in making the effort to share your story. People said they found it very useful and insightful and also that it made the readings we have done more real and meaningful. They said that they felt you were very dignified. It was very striking – your pathway to increasing other’s awareness."

- Sarah Hoskyns. Associate Professor and Director of Master of Music Therapy Programme at Victoria University of Wellington

"Our staff were so impressed with you and the strategies you were able to share with them about mindfulness, stress and resilience and wellbeing. Your poetry was really inspirational. We fully recommend you to other organisations."

- Wendy Hoskin. Chief Operating Officer/Deputy CEO Presbyterian Support Northern.

Want to read more of my work?


I write about life, love and work with bipolar. Here I share my poems, essays and musings on bipolar – including diagnosis, recovery, reframing success, pace and self-compassion.