I blame you

The last kisses permeate the carpet threads. A container of letters belonging to boxes under your bed. Like a basin of doubt you wash over logic.   Maybe it’s not your fault   that the graze on your kneecap blinds. Maybe it’s not the stubbing of the toe that leaves the stains on the ... read more

In pain

I am so in pain confused ripped apart raw gates of shot pulsating puke of machinery synapses will you let me in will you fill my grin will you spill my sin take me take me hard as nails spilled out of town.   I am crying out for help but you retract like a small snake like a rack tack.   I... read more

Nine months

It is nine months today. Since you joined us and we became three. Nine months of nappies. Nine months of smelly bums and smellier bins. Nine months of being ecstatically happy and devastatingly sad. Nine months of looking for a new identity as your identity is emerging. Nine months of real ... read more