For the hurting

I won’t say I know how you feel As I truly don’t, Or that time will heal everything For right now, it won’t. I won’t flood you with platitudes Because they’re never enough For right now there’s nowhere to go This fiercest of love. I won’t say take up running... read more


I walk in. Expecting. White walls, white coats, sterile, needles, and seclusion. But my time's pale yellow, light green. I expect rocking and repeating, people stuttering like old vinyl. But there's just a bit of wailing (and a great deal of waiting). I expect to feel bored and ... read more

Grief is

Hearing chords/Looking up/Blinking away thoughts Of who Might have been   Grief is Squeezing the wheel/Feeling unsure/Pushing away thoughts Of where I can drive to now   Grief is Staring at the paper/Seeing red/Flushing away thoughts Of why This happened to us   Grief is Moaning in ... read more