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Bipolar & Spirituality

My two most intense episodes of bipolar had strong spiritual elements attached to them. When I was in a deep depression, I felt like the devil had taken up permanent residence in my head. Which is funny, in a way, because the time I was severely depressed was in the lead up to me getting permanent ... read more

Bipolar & minimalism

Piles of notebooks in different jute bags, unruly stacks of paint and our daughter’s artwork on, under and around the dining room table, rotten oranges left in lunchboxes in the laundry. I’m not lazy. I’m not a grub. I’m an aspiring minimalist trapped in a bipolar body. I love the idea of ... read more

bipolar & work

Cognitive dissonance is that conflicted feeling you get when you behave in a way that goes against what you value or believe is right. No matter your salary or status, cognitive dissonance is like carrying a constant sting of bile on your tongue, pretending it’s not burning you from the inside ... read more

bipolar & recovery

“Serious illness involves a major adjustment. A watershed has been crossed, and life will never return to what it was before…We need to reassess what matters, adjust our priorities and go forward in a different way.”  (From: The Well Gardened Mind. Rediscovering Nature in the Modern World ... read more


My bipolar, which for the most part had laid dormant for the six years prior, erupted after the birth of my daughter. Before I go on, I wasn’t officially diagnosed with bipolar before my daughter arrived.... read more